Monday, July 11, 2016

Decorating Frugalishly

Simple decor.....

Frugal people know how to decorate with very little money in any space. Decorating any area of your does not have to be expensive.  

When I got my first apartment, milk jugs became pots for all my plants. Then when my work increased in cash I bought nice used clay pots for my home. I painted them to match and decorate my lovely abode. 

So lets take a look at these photos to see how well creativity mixed with beauty can sure brings any rooms together.

1.  This beautiful color scheme sure embraces the warmth that is displayed in this lovely room. Color and texture is the key factor in making this room pop...the colors blend well and they compliment each other nicely.

2. Lovely warm colors and photographs mixed with some paintings enhances this room very well.
Some paint and a mix of pictures and toss pillows are brilliantly put together in this room.


3. In this room bamboo poles and some white sheets create a cool organic look, inexpensive but so modern and simply lovely. 

4. Old furniture can be revived again with some white sheets, a picture for color and some toss pillows to bring that cozy couch to life.

5. A little more modern but stunning...expenses, a nice rug, a couch & chairs, some toss pillows and some lamps...simplicity at its best. This is spending money wisely.

6. Two file cabinets and a nice cut top sure makes this home office an organized place to work in...very frugal and lovely.

7. Home made pictures and some inexpensive wooden pieces make this wall a cute place to show off your decorating skills...I love this a lot.

8. Another creative wall to show off your lovely bed...very powerful decorating.

9. Very nice simple decor sure brings out the beauty of a cozy home.

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