Monday, August 17, 2015

Some of My Favorite Things

Everyone has favorite things they love and cherish. I have a few things I enjoy. Just like a nice clean organized home, I also love and enjoy a very clean manicure yard. For what you see on the outside is what is occurring on the inside. A beautiful yard tells me a lot of how the house maybe on the inside.

I love nice yard furniture. Lovely furniture invites people in to sit, chat and relax.

I love sea shells and coral pieces. They look fresh and clean and they bring peace to a troubled day...they are lovely.

There is nothing I love more than white dishes. They are so beautiful and so elegant.

Organic wooden floors...these floors look expensive and very beautiful.

 Another thing I love is white and cream bath towels. They are crisp looking and elegant for any guest.

 And of course I truly love my son, he's a gem.

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