Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A New Bathroom Change

I am so happy I am more at peace right now. Its been so busy here at home and even though my heart felt I needed to change the bathroom a bit I couldn't due to my schedule.I finally had a chance to change the bathroom curtains and give it a little change though I kept the same color scheme.  Now that its done I am much happier.

Here is the bathroom curtains before.

This is the after, clean curtains pressed and hung and a new valance.

Before look

After with new tan center sheers

 Before, gold and burgundy look.

 After, nice browns and tams with a hint of terra cotta and deep bloddy wine tones.

Can you believe I got this valance for $2.00 dollars at T.J. Maxx in the clearance area. It is super thick and well made...the original price was $38.00 dollars reduced to $2 that's a frugalicious deal!.

And yes I do have a beaded curtain in front of my bathroom door.

White candles from Dollar Tree for $1.00 each and I embellished them with burlap fabric, twine and dry looks lovely.

It all looks so very nice.

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