Friday, August 22, 2014

Bathroom Towel Bar Book Shelf Holder & Plate Hanger For Guest Bath Towels****

Every one of us have towel bars in our bathrooms, but for me its a useless waste of space. For years I was tired of having guest towels hanging on the wall. I always have nice guest paper towels for my guests to dry their hands so having bath guest towels for this purpose seemed to be a waste of space.
This is how my towel bar looked like a few days ago and don't forget to see at the bottom of the post where I housed the guest bath towels.
This is how it looks today.

I put my shelf underneath the bar and placed some great books on it.  This useless space is now a nice book holder for some great book reading while in the bathroom. I put on the shelf my favorite funny  children's poet Shel Silverstein...miss him...RIP, Real Love by Greg Bauer and of course 2 church books to lift up my spirituality.

So a once useless space for a towel bar is now a useful beautiful reading area.

To decorate the other wall I hung a black iron plate rack that now houses the guest bath towels. It looks stunning.
Next week I will show the very nice valances that I installed in the bathroom to finish this mini makeover...hope to see you then.

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