Monday, June 2, 2014

Revamping my Office Desk

Hello everyone, who are you...I hope very well. I have been busy trying to finish lots of projects in my home. A couple of weeks ago I did the office desk. I painted this desk several years ago. I changed the bedroom d├ęcor and the dark amber gold did not go with my new colors. So I re-painted the legs and front black and I did a paper look treatment on the top...check it out.  
This is my desk before
This is my desk after.


This is what I did. I took an old book and I tore the pages off. Then with an acid free glue I pasted the pages on the desk randomly.

Once that was done I painted the top with a muddy gray that has a green base, its the color that matches my room decor.

After 2 coats of paint I polyurethane the top of the desk 5 times. And once it dried well it came out like glass, super shiny. I am getting a cut piece of beveled glass to go on top of it to protect well my job. I really like it.
Out of 132 projects that I had to do, I only have 22 left to go...not bad since I started on Jan.2 of this year. Thank you for stopping by.

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