Saturday, January 25, 2014

Great Ideas to Organizing the Office

When I was raising my 2 boys we lived in a very spacious home and after I became an empty nester I began to downsize to the point where I am now living in a very nice one bedroom apartment. That means no snow to plow or grass to cut...I love it.
But living in a smaller space means anything out of place can make the apartment look messy and cluttered. So proper organization is a must for me in keeping the apartment always looking clean.
 Clutter tends to make spaces look smaller than they are. So in my apartment clutter does not exist. I am constant cleaning, organizing and keeping everything in its proper place to avoid the look of clutter.
Here are some tips on how to organize your office space to avoid clutter.
1. Keep it simple...don't try to over do to much at one time.
a) Gather your organizing needs.
b) Devote one day at a time to get it done.
c) Avoid unnecessary phone calls and disturbances.
d) Tackle your organizing space with enthusiasm.
2. Use baskets, decorative boxes & caddy's to help you organize your space. Dollartree has many assorted gorgeous baskets (in a variety of colors) for only $1.00 each. Take advantage of these great sales and don't forget to visit your local thrift stores. A little spray paint found at Family Dollar for $1 dollar a can will make any used basket look fabulous and the family dollar store carries over 10 colors.
 3. Keep "like" items together and in its designated place at all times.
An office can get very messy if it is not being kept organized so try to keep it picked up and organized
 Markers...keep the every :like" color together. This helps you in finding the one you need faster.
 Organize them in a basket that blends, coordinates and decorates with your office well.

4. Do the same thing with your pens & pencils, keep them together. Dollartree sells these pencil holders for $1.00. They have them in black & silver. They also have a very nice office section with  many office items you may can buy most of your office supplies there.

5. A black iron plate rack can serve as a great magazine holder in the office.  I found this one at Goodwill for $1.00.
6. A file holders can hold any paper or a few binders properly in its place, keeping it clutter free and away from your work space.
7. Organize well your library cases and purge out all unused books if not needed. A nicely organized library case always looks neat and uncluttered.

8. Find furniture that can serve two purposes in your organizing projects and small spaces, like my desk. The top of my desk has a flip up top. This space houses some of my office supplies.
(I put a stick on the lid to hold the top up so I could take the photo)

9. Use items like empty medicine canisters to house paper clips, bulletin board pins, & staples.  These canisters are also great for keeping small items like small Christmas light bulbs, nails, straight pins,  needles and buttons.

As you organize your office make it personal, fun and a place you enjoy working in.
Its nice to have a neat office space..
Sorry for the bad photo of my desk, the bedroom lights glared upon the desk making it fuzzy. My desk actually has a beautiful shiny clear coat that makes it look like glass.  
Make it a frugalicious day, have fun buying for less.


  1. thanks for the inspiration...tomorrow!

    1. go for it Lin and post your pictures so I can see.

  2. Hi Millie! You have a fabulous blog full of helpful tips :) I am a happy new follower and am quite excited to visit again. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a lovely evening!

    1. Stephanie, thank you for stopping by. I update my blog every Sunday. I hope to see you again.