Sunday, July 7, 2013

Easy To Make Car Trunk Organizer

For about 6 months now I have been looking for a nice spacious trunk organizer for my car. But being the frugalicious chick that I am, I couldn't even think of paying up to $150.00 for an organizer with 3 compartments. Yes, store bought trunk organizers are heavy duty and they last forever because of the heavy fabric and the way they are constructed; but I just couldn't see my self doing that, especially since I am an extreme couponer.
So I thought for a while and I realized I just need something that looks nice and serves the organizational purpose. So I made my own and here is the way you can make your own trunk organizer.

First I got me 3 same size boxes, length and height to fit well in my trunk. I found them at Walmart on an empty shelf.
Make sure they are sturdy.
Then gather your tools.
1 roll of duct tape
I used 4 rolls of contact paper
1 wide clear tape
stapler & staples...
(I did not need the stapler but you might.)
hole puncher
letter opener or knife
 I strengthen each box corners, sides and bottom
 with clear packaging tape, then I reinforced it by using duck tape over it.

 I then cut a wide strip that covers well both sides and corners in and out of the box.

Take the contact strips all the way to the bottom (inside and out of the box).

Then cover each box on the inside and the outside, leaving the bottom floor inside the box without contact paper. When I was finished I placed aluminum foil on the bottom of each box in case anything would spill inside them.
After you have finished this last step, unite all three boxes together with 3 layers of clear tape going all around them width wise from left to right. After they are united together and they are evenly placed with the tape, now you can cover the entire organizer with one long sheet of contact paper treating all three boxes like one box instead of three.
Punch two or three holes on the front of each box for the roping or decorative ribbon to go through to enhance the cubicle. This a decorative item and it is optional.
Paper the other two boxes the same way as the first one.
I used a burgundy ribbon to decorate my organizer because my car is all black. I will replace it with black roping after I buy it this week.
Here it is completed. It has 3 compartments.

1. Emergency car tools and jumper cables.
2. Emergency water, dried nuts, raisins, 1 protein bar, candles & matches, extra winter gloves & hat  and a small throw blanket.
3. Car cleaning supplies, tissues, 1 roll of paper towels, a car washing sponge and an old towel to dry the car.

I made my trunk organizer for only $4.00 dollars and 1 hour of my life. It isn't  the top of the line designer cubicle, but I am richer from not spending $150 dollars on the one I liked.
Total expenses:
4 rolls of contact paper ...$4.00
Boxes...FREE with coupons
Ribbon...left over from Christmas.


  1. love it, thanks for sharing how you made it.

  2. HA! I love you! Thank you so much! The cheapest I've seen was $40, and it didn't come with a list of suggestions, which I really like! Thanks again!

  3. brilliant - thank you!

  4. FINALLY!!! This is what I have been looking for. I have spent an hour on line looking for a pattern and found this. THANK YOU! I appreciate you sharing your talent with us!