Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Yard Ideas

When Spring and Summer time comes around we love to spruce up the yard and we try to always give it a unique look that screams beautiful. Well here are some great outdoor decorating that are inexpensive but quite lovely.

Search through thrift stores for some old wooden chairs that are screaming out for a new makeover. There's nothing better than some cans of bright colorful paint to make them look fabulous like these chairs do. OH!!!! and if you pick them up at garage sales for a buck or two that is a great way to have some patio seating when people come over.

There's nothing better than some large empty paint or coffee cans to spruce up the steps...put the plants in a sturdy rubber tub before inserting them into the cans to prevent rust...lovely.

What a lovely display of water.

Herb planting...check out these two ideas.



A patio corner dressed up for the Summer.

Those old wooden windows or doors are a fashion statement and very hard to find because they are all snatched up. I have been looking for one like this one for years to put in my living room.

Broken clay pots...make them into art.

Make a corner in your yard to grow a vegetable garden and decorate the wooden fence behind it to display your work.

Old tea cups look great on an old wooden table under a tree.

More great decorating ideas.

A little paint on the front door and a a few pots with flowers to say "Welcome"...lovely.

A painted kids twin bed for plants...excellent!

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