Sunday, April 4, 2021

Repainted Kitchen Cabinet

 Hi everyone. So sorry for the absence since January. I had a bad fall on black ice on January 3rd and I had to have a complete shoulder I have a new arm. It's been a long recovery and a painful recuperation. Feeling much better now and even though my arm is still painful to move it, I managed to repaint my kitchen cabinet from gray to black.

 So here is my cabinet.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Minialistic Christmas decorating

 Hello everyone....

It's that time of the year...the holidays are here. I hope your home is getting ready. For Christmas. It is difficult with covid, but we must make it the best we can. No visitors, no gatherings and no family unity this year for us. Our family decided it was best for all of us. So no big decor in my home and this year I put up one of my small trees instead of the large tree. Enjoy my minimalistic Christmas decor. Enjoy.

Fresh cut greens to decorate with...lovely.

I Dehydrated oranges slices for my little tree...very farmhouse decor.

Green plates on the kitchen China cabinet