Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Repurposed Wall Decor for 2018

Before starting this needed redecorating of my apartment, I made a commitment to myself to not spend any more than $600 dollars to redecorate my entire apartment. Throughout all that I have done, I am still way under budget and I am almost finished redecorating the entire apartment. Redecorating our living space doesn't have to cost much if we just repurpose what we have and that's what I have done so far. 

This last Friday I worked on these 2 plagues I had on my bedroom wall. They were hunter green and they did not go with my new decor, so I painted and distressed them. I wanted them to go with my gray and white modern farmhouse decor, bringing out the blue that is currently giving the apartment throughout a gorgeous touch of color. This is what I did to bring out this farmhouse effect...(step 1) I gave the plaques 2 coats of blue paint. I painted them blue in order to prepare them for the next step and for the blue to eventually come out while sanding them. (step 2) Once the plaques were dried I then painted them with 2 coats of white...(step 3), I sanded them well with my small electric mouse sander. The results were amazing. I truly hope you love them like I do.

They came out beautiful.

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