Saturday, January 27, 2018

Project no. 3 for 2018...Living Room Lamps

Hi there...2018 has me busy redecorating, purging and organizing. I've been to Goodwill twice with many bags full of stuff. I am determined to delete all unnecessary items. I definitely do not need 5 china sets. You get the idea right? 

My living room lamps. needed to be repainted since the gold did not look so rustic and organic. They went from gold and gray to a warm gray and taupe. With a lovely beaded trim around the bottom edge. Take a look at the results. 

Lamp before

Lamp after

I put both lamps on top of a plate as the paint on the lamps dried off.
It's funny how the lamp colors change from just moving the camera.

 I love the beaded trim.

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