Tuesday, August 15, 2017

July Was A Great Extreme Couponing Month

July was a great extreme couponing month for me because I got some fabulous free and cheap deals I just couldn't resist.

It was a month full of great sales and savings.

1. I got 10 Garnier's Fructis shampoos and 10 conditioners absolutely free. The sale on them were for $1.99 each and I had 10 coupons that said I needed to buy 2 of them to get $4 dollars off. Well do the math and they were free.

2. Our Apples grocery store had the 4 pk. Angel soft for .99 cents each...and I had 11 coupons that were .45 cents off a 4pk. They took off .90 cents because they doubled my .45 cents coupons. So I paid only .09 cents per package.

I had 18 coupons for Arm & Hammer deodorant (orange case) that were $1 dollars off for 1. Well our local pharmacy had them on sale for $1 each and I got them all for free.

I also had coupons for tide that would take off $1 from the retail price, but out Marc's grocery store had them on sale for $1.99, so I paid .99 cents each. I got 20 of them and I gave some to my son for his white suit shirts.

Dollartree had Noxema and Pure Silk women's razors for $1.00 each and I had 22 coupons that took $2.00 off each razor. So I got 44 of them for free.

Libby's is so nice. they printed out coupons that said if you buy 4 Libby's can vegetables, they would take off $1 from my purchase. Our Giant Eagle store had them on sale for .49 cents a can (total of $1.96) and they took off $1, so I paid .96 for 4 cans. I got 24 of them.

 And those were my great buys for  the month of July...Keep saving and always use coupons.

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