Sunday, August 6, 2017

Decorating Neutral Bedrooms

This week our love for beautiful inexpensive neutral colored bedrooms is our main focus.
When designing a room our eye of color is so important. It's important to magnify the bedroom without making it look so far out there that you can't enjoy and appreciate it's lounging feelings...but a room with style, warmth and passion is for the lover in you. The colors that you choose for your bedroom is so important because it will bring out your strengths and weaknesses. 

So when decorating your bedroom, go gentle on the decor, don't over do it with mirrors or flowers and do not make it look fake, displeasing and uncomfortable. But do make it feel and look peaceful, happy, a place of refuge from this crazy world.

A simple clean line bedroom,  brings minimalistic cleaning and peace embraced with warm tones.

More warm tones with one small touch of color.

Soothing cool and warm hues to beautify any room.

Lighting is always needed to enhance the room with the color tones to adore.

Elegance at its best

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