Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Extreme Couponing and Loving It

It's been pretty busy here at home. I am currently keeping up with my raw vegan diet, getting lots of free stuff with manufacturer's coupons, I am also getting ready for my family Caribbean trip and my constant decorating throughout the apartment never ends. These last two weeks have been great picking up some free items and a .99 cents great buy.

As an extreme couponer and a very frugal gal at heart, my stockpile has been growing a lot. And since I could get more items for free, well why not. That means I don't have to pay for it which is more money to put in my bank account.

Here is what I've gotten in these last 2 weeks.

I picked up 10 Tide detergents for .99 cents each by using a $1.00 off coupon (the sale was $1.99 each). I then went back 2 days later and I picked up another 10 more.

Then our drug store had Arm & Hammer deodorants for $1 each and I had 18 coupons for $1 off each one...so I got all 18 of them for free.

and I also got 11 ladies Degree deodorants for free with 11 $2 off coupons and 1 Arrid ladies deodorant for free all at Dollartree..

I picked up 8 Pure Silk and 8 Noxzema Razors for free at Dollartree.

I also got 24 Libby's can vegetables for .25 cents each at our main grocery store. They had them at  2/$1.00 and my coupon said if I buy 4 of their can vegetables I would get a dollar off, so the 4 cans came up to $1.00...a quarter a piece. Loved it!

I hope you are all using those store and manufacturer coupons, they sure help out a lot.


  1. How much do u use coupon for 10 tides? Please let me know ...!!!!

  2. How much u use coupons for 10 tides please let me know ASAP thank you