Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trash Find with a Nice makeover

Hello there,

It's Tuesday, it's blogging day for me and Spring has arrived and it's lovely out there.

Last month a friend of mine called and said..."Millie I am calling because my neighbor just threw out 2 very nice benches, do you want them?" I was happy to hear this and I immediately went to measure my car inside to see if it fit in the car so I could go get them. But it didn't fit. So I told her I would pass on the benches even though I really wanted them. So our conversation came to an end until, that next Sunday after services was completed she came to me and said..."I picked up the benches for you and I will deliver them to your house tomorrow".  I was delighted and this is how the benches look like. 

The benches before, they looked great but they needed a good painting.

This is bench 1

Bench 2

So my makeover began. I stripped all the fabric and cushion out.


I cleaned the bench with Lysol cleaner.

I tightened the screws and sanded it well.

Then I primed it in gray before painting it sage green to match the design on my new balcony cushions which I will post next week.

Nice green sage color.

And it looks great on the balcony to hold my plants. The other bench I gave it to my neighbor for her balcony to hold her plants. 

I think it came out beautiful and since the bench was free, I think it's a great frugalicious makeover.

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