Monday, April 10, 2017

Some Old Lamps Get a New Facelift

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Spring arrives every year bring with it much work for me to do at home. I have been very busy sprucing up so many items throughout the apartment that were looking old and a bit dated in time. We as homeowners often get so relaxed in our lovely homes that we forget or don't see some of the items that need to be updated throughout the house. So I made a huge list a month ago of these items in the apartment that needed some tender loving care and I got most of them completed.

1. My 2 over the rail flower boxes went from old black paint that were chipped and ugly looking to a nice gold finish. I want to deeply apologize for completely forgetting to take a before photo of these flower boxes.


Here's is one of my tall living room lamps.  They both went from an ugly brown color to a beautiful rich black tone.

The before

The after

My office and makeup vanity lamps were sponged in silver and gold back in the 90's, but I took it from the 90's to our current time by painting them all muted gold.



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