Monday, April 3, 2017

Pine Cone Summer Wreath

Summer is right around the corner. Getting our homes ready for Summer is just as hectic as getting ready for Christmas. This time of the year I am super busy trying to get flower pots painted, balcony furniture painted, planting flowers, cleaning everything from the Winter dirt and trying to make things look lovely for this upcoming Summer.

I included in my busy Spring/Summer "to do" list a new door wreath. I had not made a new one for about 4 years now and the wreaths I had for the front door sure looked old and dated. A few weeks ago I came across a video on a friend's facebook page on how to make a Summer pine cone wreath. The wreath on the video had bright Summer pastel colors, but I have never been a pastel colored person...I like dark colors. So I made my wreath in deeper tones making it look good for Summer. 

This is how I did it.
 The smaller pine cones are the best to use for this wreath.  

I soaked my pine cones for about 10 minutes then I let them drain well before cutting...I did this so they will be softer to cut. 

Using a pair of  handheld rose bush cutters I cut each pine cone in half which gave me a perfect flower design. Then I slowly painted then in orange, blue, plum, dark red, tan, green and a wine colors.

Once they were painted, I then sponged some brown over the tan ones with dark yellow ends and yellow centers on all of the pine cones. If some of your pine cones break in half or in pieces while cutting them, do not discard them. Paint them and use them to tuck around the corners of the wreath that are bare as you design your wreath, it works beautifully.

Once all the pine cones were completed in painting I then hot glued them carefully to the grapevine wreath using different colors as I placed them around the wreath.

See how well the red, plum and tan pieces that were broken filled those empty edges and areas around the wreath.

It sure came out beautiful. 

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