Saturday, April 22, 2017

Beautiful Flower and Plant Vases Made With Cement and a Towel

Beautiful vases made out of an old towel and some mixed cement.
I loved this idea. A friend of mine in one of our decorating closed circuit made a few of these for her balcony and yard decor....and 
aren't they gorgeous!!!!

This is all you need to do,

Phase 1 

Mix your cement as you would for the ground with water. Then dip the towels in the cement. Please make sure the towel is very soaked in the cement mix. Then just place it over and an empty large can of coffee or a tall vase, just make sure that the vase you use has a wide mouth so you can have a wide bottom to hold the cement base upward and straight.

Phase 2
after you place the towel properly over the can or vase...then let it dry well.

Phase 3

Once it dries it will end up like this.

Then paint it the color you wish to match your home.
She painted them a deep turquoise and a light gray since her house has these colors. They sure came out gorgeous and for sure that is a great frugalicious idea.

See you in a few days with another great frugal decorating idea.

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