Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Want Coupons, Ask for's how???

As most of you know, I am an extreme couponer. I do get almost everything for free or for less than $1 dollar. But how do I do it...I look for manufacturer coupons everywhere and I get them from everyone I know every week. Another way is to ask for them.  YES...ask for them and it will cost you nothing.

Once a month I sit for about 1 hour and I go to every website that will provide me with coupons and my list of websites is very long... 

Example: go to
Just go to the website you want coupons from and click on "contact us" on the bottom of every website...then send them a letter telling them you would like them to send you some of their coupons through the mail or through your email. I always ask them to send them to me through the mail, this way I don't have to waste up my computer toner.

Just remember before asking them to send you a coupon, first open a gmail account so all the junk mail you will receive from every website imaginable will go to that junk email and not to your personal email account....because your junk mail will start receiving a lot of junk and ads.

These coupons below are the ones I received this last week alone and they were a lot of them and a lot of free food coupons came in too. I save every month close to $300 dollars in food and merchandise with a lot of free food and merchandise too... Good Luck and I hope I can help you save some money...

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