Thursday, February 2, 2017

Homemade Paper Flowers...Part 1

Hi There,

I came across this tutorial on how to make paper flowers and I thought I would share it with you and as you know if it's a frugal way to decorate...I am on it...for very little money.

Step 1
Cut out a template of the size you want your pedals, then fold your color paper in half and cut out your many as you want.

Step 2
Once they are cut, slit the paper a bit like the size of the picture.

Step 3

With a pencil curve on size of the pedals.

Step 4

Hot glue them together one at a time folding your slit like the photo.

Step 5

ending results.

Step 6

start putting together all your pedals

then make a center to embellish your can also use jewelry for the center.

Here are some other ways to make the paper flowers.

make sure you cut the pedal's in different sizes like this

embellish the edges like this for a more dazzling look

Lovely idea for parties, weddings or any occasion. 

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