Friday, December 16, 2016

A Frugalicious Way to Decorate With Burlap

Hi Everyone,

Burlap is one of the most inexpensive fabrics there is. It comes in a variety of colors but light brown or tan as you see in my photos is the most common color used. It is used in so many ways and it goes with so many styles and home decors. Here are some great ways you can decorate your homes with burlap and they are so inexpensive to do...Dollartee has most of these items.

A beautiful wreath covered in handmade roses out of burlap and twine....stunning.

Candle jars covered in burlap and lace.

Bows for wedding decor or table settings made of burlap and some jewels or buttons bought at the dollar store will be great.

A covered lamp shade in burlap...lovely.

Candy jars covered with burlap and knitted lace.

Lovely toss pillow done in burlap and red crochet thread.

Scented potpourri inside some handmade pouches with lace tied with twine or you can use ribbons or lace.

Picture frames covered in burlap and white burlap roses.

Burlap plant holders.

Fresh lavender sprigs tucked neatly inside a burlap pouch sewn and united with a lovely wooden button.

more candle jars burlap covers

Beautiful pillow made out of burlap & lace. 

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