Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My New Makeup Space

A few months ago I spoke of my plans to make a new makeup area that would be spacious and a space made for a lake to get glamorized. So here is where I used do my makeup and hair and the photos of my new makeup area. 

This small space was my makeup area before. It was crowded and very uncomfortable.

This is my new makeup space and I love it.

I had two small tables that were not being used,
 I painted them gray and I putt a nice gray contact paper on the old Plexiglas doors then I edged the front doors with twin. Then  with a white wooden board I purchased at Home Depot for $8 dollars it became the table top.

Nice place for all the necklaces.

It looks lovely.

A really nice frugalicios job for only:

1 gallon paint...$12.00
wooden board...$8
Glass brush holder...$1
contact paper $1

Grand Total...$20

Great job for a very frugalicious lady.

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