Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Drapes at a Fabulous Price

I was at Kohl's this week and in their drapery dept. I spotted a set of drapes for my bedroom window that I fell in love with...unfortunately I did not want to spend $60.00 dollars for 1 panel and I needed 2 panels; so I didn't get them. Then I went to Walmart to pick up a few grocery items and I thought I'd look at what they have in drapes; to my surprise the same exact drapes Kohl's had for $60 dollars a panel were at Walmart for $14,95 for the set of two. Well I grabbed them and off I went. To top it off a large thrift store here in town is going out of business this week and they had a day on which you fill a bag for $2 dollar. I found the sheers there to match the new drapes and I got 8 pairs of cream sheers for $2 dollars. I washed my drapes and sheers, pressed them and now they look fabulous in my bedroom for the upcoming holidays. I also found the red pillow in the center of my bed at Walmart also. I am ecstatic, now my bedroom looks lovely.

It sure enhances my office space

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