Friday, October 14, 2016

Couch Cleaned and Scrub, Like New Again

Last week I spent a few hours scrubbing my amber gold couch. I didn't realized how dirty it was until the water was really brown. I mixed 4 small squirts of dawn dish soap, 1/2 cup of white vinegar and mixed well in a bucket filled half way with water. Scrub with a plastic scrub brush and rinse with a clean rag with a mixture of water and fabric softener.

After cleaning your furniture you will see that they look like new again. I put a rotating fan to dry the couch and I put the cushions on the balcony to dry for 4 hours. By the next day my couch was dry. Take a look at my photos.

before the couch was really dirty and the bottom lapel was full of shoe tar and grease.

really dirty

You may not be able to see the stains but they are there.

now the couch is clean and nice, look at how nice the fabric looks...BRIGHTER and the shoe tar and grease stains are gone.

now those are nice clean cushions looked really dirty even from afar

but now it looks even greater from afar and the cream chair was also scrubbed a few weeks before

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