Friday, August 26, 2016

Washing an Upholstered Chair...Before and After Photos

Today I am showing what I did to clean my living room upholstered cream velvet chair. 
About every 2 years this chair starts to visually show off dirty stains like cuff marks around the bottom of the chair, fingerprints around the arm rest or food particles that often appear around the chair. So a few weeks ago I scrubbed this chair until all the dirty spots came off. 

Step 1

In 1/2 filled water bucket I mixed in:
 1/2 cup of regular Dawn dish detergent
 1/3 cup of white vinegar 
 I then mixed it slowly with the bucket filled only half way of water

Step 2: 

In another bucket fill it halfway with water and a half a cup of  Fabric softener.

After putting plastic under my chair I began to slowly scrub one section at a time. I then rinsed off each section with the fresh water mixed with fabric softener and dried it off a bit with a clean towel.  The fabric smelled so good and to dry it I kept the air conditioned on and a fan to blow on it over night. By the next day the chair was dried.

So here is my chair before being scrubbed. It had turned a bit yellowish and it was a bit dirty. The sitting cushion had dirty stains on the cushion.

Yellow ugly back

Now the chair is cleaner and looking beautiful again. No more yellow fabric on the back rest and no more seat stains.

before..ugly yellowish color

now the back cushion looks great

Before- The cushion seat was really dirty with stains around the rim of the fabric

After-Now its clean

Before-The arms were dirty and it sure needed cleaning,

Now they are clean and the chair looks terrific

Beautiful chair.

A small advise:
 Always remember to use gentle products on your furniture. Read the labels and make sure it is safe for your type of furniture. 

Have a great day everyone.

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  1. Oh wow!That made a huge difference! Thanks for sharing the recipe you use. My couch could definitely use some attention.