Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Extreme Couponing and Great Sales

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone has been staying cool this Summer, Here in Ohio 90 to 96 degrees. Its been too hot here.
This last week was a hectic week. I have been going through therapy for a bad back and shoulder, my redoing furniture has come to a stop until I feel better. But I had to post on all the great deals I got this last week with my manufacturer's coupons. Most of you know that I am an extreme couponer and there was a lot of coupons I had that said if you buy 2 Herbal Essence products you'll get $4.00 dollars off. Well our local Marc's discount store had a sale on these products and their sale ad said if you buy 2 Herbal Essence products for $4.00 dollars, so I got them for free. Here are photos of only two days of going to Marc's but today I went back there again and I got 22 more Herbal Essence products for free and I got 6 more of the Aussie products for only $1 dollar each. Sorry I forgot to take a photo of today's haul. I also got the nail polish, air freshener and the hair colors for free thanks to this sale and the coupons I had. I am now stocked up on shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, mousses and gel until 2017. Check it all out. 

And I got all these shampoos also for free..I was thrilled.

 See you soon...hopefully my back & arm will be better by then.

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