Monday, June 20, 2016

Old Rocker...Got A New Look

My balcony had lots of old decor. Last month I began to paint and redecorating some pieces in the balcony after I gave that space a good cleaning out first. And since my blog is all about decorating for very little money, I gave this room a new look for a meager $2.00. I used the colors that are inside my apartment since I did not want the outside to look odd from the inside concerning color wise. I kept the darker colors in the balcony since I do not like bright or pastel colors. I have always been a fan of darker muted tones...especially the muddy colors,

Here is the before and after photos of the rocker that was left inside one of my Dad's rental apartment. I took this rocker home about 6 years ago and I had never done anything to it. One of the bottom legs was cracked, but this Spring I began to work on it as well as my balcony.

Here is the rocker before painting and the cushions before being covered with new fabric.    

The rocker was scratched really bad.

After repairing the leg and sanding the entire rocker down real good, I primed it and then I painted it a mustard yellow with cranberry legs and arms.



The rocker looks great.

I had used some wood glue into the crack and I tied the legs well for the entire Winter. Then in the Spring I removed the wires and tightened the legs with new wires before priming and painting them. 

After painting the legs I tied them with hot glue and a heavy duty twine to secure them in place and they won't break again.

The plants are growing and it sure give this space a better look. And the newly covered cushions makes this space more vibrant.

I painted some of the pots red and some in soft muted yellow to pop the room with color.

Herbs, cactus, gladiolas, irises and lilies are growing.

Soon my zinnas and my sunflowers will bring much sunshine to this space.

My herbs are growing.

And that's all folks, see you all in a few days.

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