Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Painted Baskets and Decorating With Suitcases

 Hi Everyone,

I've learned through the years that you need to be creative when living in a small spaces. Everything in a small home needs to serve either 2 or three purposes. I personally have to live by this concept since I live in a small apartment that I love deeply. I use baskets and suitcases to not only decorate my home but each one of these baskets and suitcases are full of something...for instance the top suitcase on the first photo is my sewing basket. It holds all my threads, needles, scissors and everything I need for sewing. The first basket holds all my ribbons, laces and twine. The lunches boxes has all my small pieces of fabrics. But I changed things around here after redecorating my living room.

Now the lunch baskets on the bottom of this stack got a new look by painting the lids and adding wooden legs to the large basket made them come alive...take a peek.

These are the baskets before

And these are the baskets now. They got new wooden legs and they were painted along with the lids a nice deep cranberry.


and the sewing and ribbon baskets were moved to the large dresser in the living room. They still serve 2 purposes and they look great.

Here are 2 other pictures of how stacking suitcases look like and by just painting a couple of them can change the look of your home.

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