Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Items to Help Organize Our Living Spaces

I want to share with you some great organizing products that make any room pop with color.
I love to organize everything. In my home there's a place for everything and once its used it goes back to their original place.
Organizing may seen difficult for many and I understand...yes...we are all created alike in His image but we all have our own individual talents. Organizing is simple place like things together in one compact place. Shoe boxes are great for organizing things but once we have the shoe box then we imagine how can we make this box look prettier to blend in with the decor of my room? So today I want to address that question...take a look.

Beautifully decorative boxes in an amazing array of colors can be found at any home improvement store. Just look for the ones that go well with the colors in the room you are buying for.

Beautiful round baskets are great to stack one upon each other for a tower look either in one solid color or in many colors.

Colorful straw baskets like this one are great for storing socks, office supplies like extra paper, copying papers, or to use as a "To Be File" basket.

These square boxes are fabulous for office papers, small files. pads, book holders and for hiding away cd's. Either way they do come in handy.

Christmas storage bins has been the best invention ever. Put your Christmas decor in them and store them in the garage...DONE!

Small drawer bins are so perfect to store cosmetics and girls hair decorations. There are hundreds of ways these organizing drawers can be used.

 Photos now can be organized by categories using these photo boxes. You can buy them uncovered and you can cover them yourself like these...they will give your room a great modern look.

These covered boxes are lovely and they can be used to hide away your jewelry.

Many people love the vintage look...these aluminum cans are not only lovely for the kitchen but they are lovely to hide away nail polishes, cosmetics, cotton balls and Qtips...I love them.

Beautiful raw straw baskets are so lovely for any room and closet. 

Under your bed you can hide extra blankets, shoes, purses and out of season clothes by using bamboo baskets. 

Using picnic baskets to store away fabric is fabulous, like I did with these baskets...many of my fabrics are in them.

This is my nail polish wall from my bedroom. Shadow box shelves are great to hold all my nail polishes, colognes and necklaces...everything is organized in one area of the room.

I've had these small trunks and they hold all my small paints and painting brushes. All neatly organized in one spot.

I hope this has helped you think about organizing some things in your home.
 Have a great day.

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