Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Cleaning & Bedroom Changes

I have been very busy here at home as I am getting all my Spring cleaning done and as I am cleaning I am also changing the colors of each room in a brighter and lighter feel.

I was ecstatic last week when I was grocery shopping at our local Marc's store, I happen to pass by their store discount area and in there they had tons of 6ft. x 5ft. area rugs in many colors for $9.99 each. What a steal that was, I bought 3 rugs. A hunter green one and a tan one for the living room and I bought a light gray one for my bedroom. The gray one looks fabulous with my gray, blue, oranges and amber gold colors in my bedroom. I am very happy on how nice it all turned out...take a peek.

Here is my bedroom before with the Winter colors.

Picture #1...browns, cranberries and muddy greens.


This is my makeup area, this area is going to be getting a new makeover, photos will be coming soon.

But I did put all the makeup away in 2 boxes (the black box in the lower level & a cream box on the top shelf) I said before rearranging this area is my next project.


Here is the before

 And here is my bedroom after...
The small stool next to my bed will be getting a new upholstery this week to match the Spring/Summer colors.

I have tons of beautiful upholstery fabrics in my storage room, so I sewed the valances from the same fabric I put on the toss pillow and I put up taupe gray panels to match the taupe gray color on the fabric.

I pulled out the orange and amber gold colors out of the fabric and I put those tones into the toss pillow covers.

Here is that beautiful gray rug I got for $9.99...isn't it great, it was a steal!!!!

Pillows took me an hour to sew with no cost to me.

 Here is some of the room decor...more photos of the bedroom will come soon.

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