Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Recipe of the Month: Homemade High Protein-Hi Fiber Energy Bars

I have been really busy at home writing my book but I have taken some time to make my very own homemade protein bars. As most of you know protein bars can be extremely expensive, so for the past 3 years I have been making my own bars. I have used many different ways to make them but this is particular one is my favorite. I hope you like them, they are supper moist, high in fiber and high protein...YUMMY!
Here is y recipe
1 c. gluten free flour
1/2 c. garbanzo flour
1/2 c. tapioca flour
1 c. chopped gala apples without the skin 
(I used dehydrated apples from my food storage)
1/4 c. sunflower seeds
1/2 c. ground flaxseed
(Nuts are optional)
2 tablespoons of Benefiber
(fiber supplement)
1 cups. packed brown sugar
1/2 c. white sugar
1/2 c. vegan protein powder
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. allspice
1/2 tsp. ground cloves
1/2 c. non dairy butter (melted)
1/2 to 1 c. non dairy milk (cold)

You can also use dates and raisins inside this mix 
In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredients together, then pour in the melted butter, stir it well and slowly add the milk until it make a consistency just a bit thicker than cake batter.  Pour all the contents into a 9x13 baking pan that's already sprayed with a non stick spray.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes at 370 degrees. Remove from oven and let it cool before cutting into bars. I cut my bars in a long strip like a protein bar and then I wrapped them individually in saran wrap so I could place them in freezer bags to be stored in the freezer or the fridge. I have one every morning for breakfast with my protein green smoothie...A DELICIOUS way to start the day!

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