Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Food = Good Health-

 I am a good health follower. I have always felt that if you eat well, good health will bless you for many years to come. So from now on every month I will be focusing on 5 great food choices that can give us good health and make the best of us feel and look great. So here are my 5 choices for the month.

1. Good foods that provide water refreshing juices for our body, like this group of fruits and veggies. Ware is essential and by eating at least 3 of these foods you can hydrate the entire body.

2. Water a must source to survive life...drink at least 1 gallon a day with a slice of lemon. I personally keep a pitcher of lemon water filled in my fridge and I drink 2 pitchers of it every day. Look at the benefits you can get by drinking this powerful water.

3. I am a lover of avocados. I eat 2 of them a week. It is full of great fatty oils to nourish and oil all those achy joints...great benefits for the body.

4. Garlic is a great benefit spice. From uplifting the immune system to fighting cancer...fabulous.

5. I eat once or twice a week Quinoa in many ways...I mix it with rice, quinoa with stir fry or plain with some great spices...its really good. It is very high in fiber, protein and that's a great thing.

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