Monday, March 21, 2016

Painted Furniture

Hello my peeps,

I am so happy Spring is here. I have been hearing the birds singing today and the sun is shinning brighter than before...that is priceless.

But as Spring has arrived, my home decorating continues. I have been looking at one of my living room side table for a while now and I have been really thinking of making it look better. So I took a few hours last week to make sure it blends better with my living room colors. So I sanded it down, cleaned it up and then I painted it a deep cranberry color with the edges painted in black. I do want to apologize for the photos, the day was a bit cloudy and the photos came out a bit dark, but the table came out very nice.

This is the table before

It was stained and a lot of the paint was chipping off.


This is the table after I painted it...Such a nice color.

The edges painted in black made the table look so nice.

Now it looks great



  1. Hi! You visited my blog post about the cabinet redo with a thrift store dictionary and left a very nice comment. So I'm visiting you and commenting, too! Sometimes it is disheartening to blog and receive no feedback so I want to share the love. That said, two thumbs up for the new brown and black cabinet paint job. I've never seen a cabinet quite like that before.

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