Friday, March 4, 2016

Organization Part 3 ...The File cabinet.

 Hi there...

I love Winter. It is a time to recuperate from all outside work, but it is the beginning of my inside work. Yep, I always take advantage of Winter to clean out and organize my entire home, so when Summer comes around I can enjoy it.

This last week I finished cleaning out and organizing all my 4 drawer church file cabinet. Every file has a topic and pictures to go with every lesson taught in church. I am always prepared in case I am asked to speak or teach...Take a look at all the topics I have.

Now it is a well organized cabinet full of many topics with lessons, quotes, pictures and poems that relate to that topic. One good tip...When organizing your file cabinets, always try to keep related files together...example: If your file says "Stress" then the files behind that file should be Fear, Joy, Good Cheer, or Anger".  Keep like files together, it allows you to reach for the file you need immediately. 

If I am called to speak or give a lesson in primary, adult classes, youth lessons or any other church organization, I am ready.

I hope you are all organizing your homes throughout these Winter months, then you can enjoy Summer at its best.

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