Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Organization Part 2...The Bedroom Closet

Hi there....My home organization continues...This time I tackled my bedroom closet. I did this last year but its amazing how much this closet has gotten so messy and unorganized. So last week I really cleaned it out. 

So take a peek. Here is the closet before I began to clean it out.

The closet was extremely stuffed of clothes, baskets, bins and much un-needed items that just needed to be thrown out.

When your passion is decorating you gather too many toss pillows and a lot of them just needed to get out of closet.

After taking out the unused clothes (2 very large trash bags full) I had so much space in the closet and my clothes were too compressed among each other, I had to iron almost every everyday when I needed to use my clothes, they were always wrinkled. I also organized my clothes by color coordinated them for easier access.


 All the toss pillows were organized on the other side of the closet & some of them were given away.


this is the other side before cleaning it out.

Now the pillows takes up less space.


Gift wrapping bin is not in its right place...grrrrrr.


now everything has been organized well in its bin


and I put it up on the top closet shelf, it is now out of the way.

and after I was done I had all these hangers empty.

Now I can walk inside my closet.


Now I can eneter

Another task completed. Two trash bags of clothes and 1 trash bag full of 8 toss pillows. The clothes and pillows were given away. Keep organizing throughout the Winter months so you all can take a Spring break before getting it organized all over again. 

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