Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Kitchen Light

Our kitchens is such a busy place in our homes and lighting is so important. After having my new kitchen cabinets installed, I noticed how dark the sink area was. I knew I needed lighting in that area, but since I rent I didn't want to get something very expensive. I also knew I needed an easy installing fixture with hardly no holes to drill on the the wall, so I went out and I purchased a light fixture for that small area. I installed it and now I have a very nice lighted area above the sink.

This the before photo...pretty dark right.

Now I have a lighted area...its so nice now.

This is the light fixture I bought...now that's a frugalicious chick's great find. After measuring the space and drilling only two holes I installed it to the wall because I did not want to install it under the new cabinets...I don't think my apt. owner would like that and the nice thing is if I move I can remove it and patch the holes.

It looks great...now I rarely turn on the large kitchen light.

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  1. Good find and it gives your kitchen a very homey touch. Love how the little curtain softens the look.