Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Household Tip of the Month...Cleaning the Mattress

I have a habit of changing my dirty sheets every two days. Call me crazy but its a habit I am very determined to do regardless of its use. But before I put my clean sheets on my mattress, I always vacuum the mattress very well and I then spray it with home deodorizer. I then let the mattress air out for about an hour before dressing the bed.

I always use my portable Bissell vac, it works great and it is easy to manage while cleaning the mattress. Keeping a very clean mattress and changing the mattress sheets often prevents bed bugs and dirty loose skin from resting on the bed. You can also use a bed bug spray in between sheet changes to prevent the harvesting of bed bugs inside your mattress. 

Once the bed is aired out after spraying it, it is then dressed for the looks lovely and it will be a great night sleep with clean fresh sheets.

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