Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Small Lovely Corners...Part 2

Hello my viewer's...we may not know each other, but your visit here is very well appreciated.

This post is part #2 on how small lovely corners in our homes can bring us peace and much joy to our lives. We are often drain at the end of the day from working out of the home or in the home and when we get to sit and rest we want to enjoy our surroundings.  Small touches around my home makes me happy. So I hope you enjoy some of the small corners that brings joy and a big smile to my face in my home.

Loving photos makes us happy.

Musical instruments fuels joy to the heart with lovely desires to hear music.

Small cozy corners tucked away with personal bath needs looks lovely.

Jewelry pieces like necklaces are great tie backs for the curtains.

A corner table displaying family photos can bring much joy.

And cozy corners like these are comfy for those tired feet and it sure looks lovely from far away.

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