Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yearly Bedroom Changes

 Hi there...I hope you are currently enjoying this new year. Here in Ohio its bitter cold, we are expecting the temps to reach zero...but no snow. Over all its been a great beginning of the year.

My bedroom gets many changes through the year and I just wanted to share with you how my bedroom has looked throughout the past 3 years.

Before I had my custom platform bed built I had a black cast iron bed. I loved that bed so much and after I gave it away, I hated myself. It was pure solid iron and it weighed worse than a bad marriage. My heart aches everyday and I wish I had it back, but this is how I had it decorated when the iron bed was in my bedroom.

Then after my custom bed was delivered I decorated the wall over the bed with an antique mirror I painted and then I used some of my 40's hats to decorate the wall.

Then the mirror and hats was replaced with a heart wreath and the side baskets was replaced by a nice small dresser & makeup table.

Then a shabby chic design was introduced into the bedroom.

Now my bedroom has a shelf and some lovely pictures I found at a thrift looks lovely.

How many times have you changed your bedroom decor?

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