Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vegan Diet...The Best

Did you all know I'm a vegan. Yep, I have been a vegan for 12 years now. Before I became a vegan I suffered from an amazing amount of illnesses.

*High blood Presser
*fibrosis tic breast tumors
*high cholesterol
*constant runny nose & sneezing
constant chest wheezing
*skin itching & rashes

Then I discovered I was highly allergic to many food items like:

*all corn derivatives like:
 (corn meal, corn starch, corn oil, corn & corn syrup)
*shell fish 
& gluten 

and to top it off I was tipping the scales towards 300 lbs. I was a ticking time bomb.

After studying why my body was reacting this way, I realized that I needed to change my diet & life around so I could live longer and enjoy my family for many years to come.

So I became a vegan and I started walking 1 hour everyday, cardio, yoga & strength lifting exercise program. I was feeling great and the illnesses and pounds started to disappear...but then a couple of years ago I began to feel blotted and my belly began to swell, I began to get fatigued, tired and my joints began to hurt worse each day. I also noticed some white blotches on all my front teeth that I did not have. I immediately went to the doctor but he could not find the problem; so I went back to studying why this was happening and I discovered that gluten or wheat allergies can cause these problems. So I eliminated gluten & wheat from my diet completely. To my surprise within 4 days my belly went back to normal and I wasn't blotted anymore and the blotches on my teeth disappeared. 

If you suffer from any of the above illnesses and ailments I described, I suggest you eliminate these food products from your diet for 2 weeks. Then slowly integrate them one at a time back into your diet to see how you feel. If you are allergic to 1 or more of them take them out of your diet completely. And always remember these allergies can develop themselves as we get older...our bodies are our temple...keep it clean and feed it healthy foods.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me, also all of those illnesses listed that I was struggling with all my life...they all completely disappeared and I am under 200 lbs. so far. I have 50 more to go.

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