Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Natalia

Hi everyone...Its 2016. 
Wow another new year and that means I am getting older but hopefully a lot wiser. 

This past Wednesday we celebrated my grand-daughter Natalia's Birthday. Since our baby girl suffers from Celiac Disease, she cannot eat gluten. Sugar triggers Celiac to go haywire so she eats everything sugar free. Plus since we are vegan that makes our Birthday cakes a joy to come up with great recipes to suit our family.

This year Nana (me) was making her Birthday cake and since she adores coconut and strawberries, I decided to add these 2 items into her cake. So Nana got to work and this is what came out.

A yellow Birthday cake, smothered in coconut frosting sweetened with raw honey, tapioca flour, cinnamon, 100% pure vanilla & 100% almond extract...sprinkled with homemade crumbled chocolate chip cookies and tiny chocolate chips, & organic strawberries topped it off. And it was all gluten free/dairy free & sugar free. It was deliciously served with dairy free/gluten free chocolate chip ice cream.

The cake has 3 layer. 

Each layer was covered with homemade coconut frosting and topped with crumbled chocolate chip cookies.


Happy Birthday Natalia.

Nana and her baby girls.

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