Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Part 3...Kitchen is completed

So my kitchen is completed. It has been kayos here for 12 days, but everything is in its place and since I love the simplicity of having hardly anything on the walls i think I will keep it simple. I just need to find a very large mirror so I can hang it above the large shelf. For now until Christmas is over the Nativity scene is settled on that large shelf. Here are some pictures of before and after.

The before

The after

Love the handles

Yes I am a vegan

Oh the island next to the stove matches the cabinets and I love the soft marble counter tops.

For now my Nativity scene is on my large kitchen shelf.

The brown and gold nativity scene looks great with my new cranberry color in the kitchen decor.

Nice new faucet

Even the trash can got a new face lift from cream to cranberry and gold studs.

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