Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Wooden & Sculpture Collection

Many people collect a variety of items, from dishes to ornaments. I collect and love wooden pottery and wooden sculptures.

Here is a little view of my small wooden collection, they are lovely.

 A wooden carved giraffe and her baby.

My biggest garage sale find was a wooden carved elephant. The previous owners removed the tusks before putting it in the sale, I was upset...but for $10 dollars I was thrilled to buy it.

This is not wooden, its a replica of Aztec pottery from Mexico.

This black vase is carved in wood...its lovely.

This wooden vase was a gift from my Mom who received it as a gift from a friend who came from Panama. I love the flower carvings on it.

This wooden carved tea pot is from Poland. It was also a gift.

Another pottery from Mexico.

I found this carved black bird at a rummage sale.

I found this carved "BASKET" sign at a Goodwill store. 

Lovely plant holder and my pineapple plants love being there under the bright lamp.

My daughter in law brought me this Indian book holder from Hawaii.

 And she also brought me this wooden carved god from Hawaii.

And my cousin Penny brought me this masa & pilon from Puerto Rico to mash all my fresh spices.

What do you collect?

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