Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas

Its that time of the years when little goblins and witches will appear at your Halloween party and if your wondering what to serve then just take a peek at these cute ideas which are spooky and delightful.

Cupcakes are great when they fall over the wicked witch.

Adorable cupcake ice cream cones 

Cute apple wedges with either marshmallow filling or peanut butter fillings with almond sliced crooked teeth.

Delicious Crumbled chocolate cake made with chocolate pudding and adorned with worm gummies

Green monster cookies adorned with one eye

Peanut buttered apples adorned with marshmallow crooked teeth

Witch cookie hats filled with pistachio ice cream

Your favorite punch filled with iced hands and made out of water frozen inside rubber gloves

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