Sunday, May 3, 2015

Reviving Some Old Trunks

Old trunks get new look

It was 16 years ago since I purchased these old trunks at a local flea market for $15 for all three. Through the years I've moved 3 times and they have gotten a bit old, scratch and tattered. The stain was all scratched up and the leather straps were ripped and some of them were torn off. These babies needed a new look, so this week I got busy on them. The nice thing is that the interiors of the trunks are in great condition, upholstered in a wine suede fabric so I did not have to redo the interiors. So take a moment and see what I did to them.

1. The small one I did an alligator design in black, thanks to some crackle paint with a polyurethane gloss.

2. The center one was stained.

3. And the last one was painted a deep burgundy color...I don't know why it looks pink but every time I photograph it, it still looks pink. It is actually a dark burgundy color...I love them. They turned out very nice. 



Badly torn leather straps



They house all my acrylic and oil paints, very nice for decorating a small space.

This is the actual colors of the trunks...Beautiful

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