Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Shabby Chic Corner

Hi Blogger Friends...

Thank you for stopping by. In my bedroom there's a corner I use to put on my makeup and do my nails. This area is my shabby chic corner with chipped pieces to help me organize the things I need to make myself  pretty.

A few months ago I found this piece at a thrift store for $1.00.

After cleaning it I painted it a very soft yellow and then I scratch it with a damp cloth and sand paper. It came out great and it goes beautifully with my bedroom. I am very happy with it. Take a peek at the photos below.

But I needed another rack for the rest of my polishes and nail needs. So I bought this standing rack for $2 dollars at our local flea market. I painted and chipped it to match the spice rack. One thing I have learned after 28 years of painting furniture is that either you can prime and paint it, then scratch the corners with sand paper to give it a used look, you can also paint it with chalk paint and rub the paint off; or paint right over the wood and then rub it slightly with a damp cloth to give it a scratchy shabby chic look. Then I sprayed it lightly with a clear water base gloss spray. That is just what I did, check it out.

And here's my makeup/nails it for a cool $3 dollars.

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  1. Oh, my daughter wants a nail polish holder like this..b.ut acrylic. I might have to try to convince her to fix something up. That will be a hard sell to this "modern style" gal!