Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cheap Homemade Stainless Steel Cleaner

Hi everyone...

I am so happy to be back home after 3 weeks. 
I was not suppose to return home until after Easter, but I did what I needed to do at my son's house and got to go home early. 

I wanted to share with you a great cheap way to clean your stainless steel appliances. My son ran out of his stainless steel cleaner so I mixed up some apple cider vinegar and water to clean his appliances. You just need a spray bottle, 2 dry clothes and Old English Furniture Polish. First mix 1/2 of water and 1/2 of apple cider vinegar (equal parts) in the spray bottle. Shake well then spray the appliance down with the mixture, wipe well the appliances with a clean dry cloth and make sure the appliance is completely dry, then wipe down the appliance with the other clean dry cloth with Old English furniture polish. Check out photo 1 & 2 before cleaning, 3 after the vinegar cleaning & 4 after the polishing. This cleaning method will keep your appliances looking great for over a week. The results are terrific.

 Before photos...1 

Before photo...2

Photo after vinegar cleaning

After polish the fridge

I wish I would of taken a photo of the fridge completely before cleaning, it was really dirty.

Have a great day.

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