Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Little Country Kitchen Mini Makeover

Good day everyone,

As the Spring weather tries to slowly enter the Eastern Hemisphere, all we can do is enjoy the cool breeze and watch the flowers peek out of the ground. 

Last month I spent a few weeks at my son's home and their kitchen just needed a little country makeover. They have a very nice farmhouse which inspires his wife to decorate it into a country style. After getting their approval I began to clean and redecorate the kitchen with what they had throughout the house I began my mini makeover. 

Here is this kitchen before...

After washing all the woodwork and walls down and decorating the room... here is the kitchen after the mini makeover..I rearranged the top shelves with plates and her tea cup and birdhouse collection, I added some wall frames to give the kitchen a more country look accented with a small table and a  bowl of apples.

Major difference the kitchen has a country style and everything is at her fingertips to cook.

I purchased these lovely small jars and I used some of her mason jars to display an assortment of beans. I took many pictures that were hanging throughout the house to bring the blue and cream colors into the kitchen.

Every country kitchen has their cooking spoons on display in large crocks along with small appliances on their counters. I added a small lamp I had at home that was not being used and I placed it on top of a candle pedestal, I also placed some plants she had to complete the shelf.

I purchased these lovely large jars to house the brown & white rice and the sugar.

I scalloped these $2 thrift store cream curtain panels with some cream colored ribbons to lift them up and give them a a little French country touch which is where her style is headed this year. 

She was delighted with the makeover.

Total makeover expenses was $14 dollars. Now that's a frugalicious chic makeover.

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