Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Curb Side Redo Christmas Gift That Was A True Trash To Treasure Makeover...BEAUTIFUL!

Hello everyone...I sure hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Every year when my son's family finish opening their gifts, we have to try to find which of all the gifts was the used gift we got for each other between all the the new ones. That is always the fun part of our gift giving. This year for my daughter in law I wanted to redo a gift that would suit her new Shabby Chic French Country decor. I search hi and low but I couldn't find a thing that made my decorative mind go bingo.

One day on my way home from the grocery store I had to take a side street to my house because of road construction. And then there it was on the curb of one of the streets was my redo gift for my son's lovely wife.

This lamp was the redo was an ugly bubble gum pink, gold fixture with a hideous lamp shade someone tried to sponge paint. was an ugly one...but I knew what I could do with it.

With the magic of one sanding sponge, a quart of white semi-gloss primer and 1 quart of white semi-gloss paint I made an ugly lamp look fab!!!!

So the lamp went from this....

 To this...fabulous!!!
A gorgeous Shabby Chic French Country Lamp.

This lamp got 2 weeks of work and the outcome was divine.


And after painting it I shined it up with some gloss sealer and white glitter dusting...and shine it did.

Then it got lots and lots of pearls and diamond studs to jazz it up...bling, bling!!!

Frosted rosettes, primed and painted leaves, string pearls, diamond and pearl studs.
The neck of the lamp got spray painted white also to hide the gold fixture.

The lamp shade got sanded, primed and painted inside and out.

Two coats of white semi gloss primer and two coats of white semi-gloss paint.


After painting then I glossed it and before the gloss dried I dusted the glitter on and sprayed it again for a stronger gluing power. 

More pearls

The shade stopper also got covered in pearls.

A beautiful wide white ribbon around the front of the lamp with pearls.

Even the lamp cord got a new satin cover.

She was very happy.

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