Friday, August 15, 2014

Tips on Organizing Our Home

Organizing our homes can be a bit difficult for many. Many thoughts can jump out of our head for many of us but for some its a very hard thing to do. So here's a few photos of some areas I have organized inside my home that may be able to help you in your home.
1. Put a shoe hanger behind every door in your house to organize items needed n that room. This shoe hanger is on the inside of my bathroom. It holds many items that are needed in the bathroom and when I need it I do not have to go out of the bathroom for it.

2. A home office is a place where organization is so necessary. By organizing items in baskets and placing them in order by like items and colors like my markers allows you to reach for the right shade whenever needed.

3. Organizing socks by color. This allows you to find the sock you need by a glance.

4. My living room ottoman serves 3 purposes. It holds all my tools in place and when it is closed it serves as an extra table for food trays or a seating chair for 2. 

5. If you have a lot of everything like I do since I am an extreme couponer; it is important to organize everything properly and keeping  like items together.



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